Project Management Consulting (PMC), Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC).

We offer consulting services, as wll as the entire engineering cycle, from feasibility studies to commisioning and start up for your commercial, industrial or utility project.


Solar Smart´s team is fully committed to carry out each project in a professional manner, with the highest quality.

Our technical know how and our interdisciplinary experience allows Solar Smart to fulfill the objectives for each project in a timely and secure manner.

!We are committed to the highest quality!

Our satisfaction lies in reaching the highest quality standard possible to develop and maintain successful long term relationships with our costumers, providers and collaborators, this is the main reason

Nuestra satisfacción es alcanzar el estándar más alto de calidad para así desarrollar y mantener una exitosa relación de largo plazo con cada uno de nuestros clientes, proveedores y colaboradores, which is why we at Solar Smart not only pride ourselves on the quality of our work, but also pride ourselves on having relationships exclusively in the Tier-1 market.

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