Solar Smart Renewable Energies


Project Management Consulting

Are you in need of  advisory services, engineering or supervision? Solar Smart offers its clients the complete range of services related to a project´s life cycle, starting from our PMC service.


Personal consulting, market and feasibility studies, project definition, due-diligence, green- and brownfield project/site assessment.

Specification and Selection

Conceptual design, execution strategies, permitting design, basic design, documentation to aid decision taking.

FEED (Front End Engineering Design)

FEED is used as the basis for tendering Project Execution Contracts (PEC), it serves as well as the basis for the project´s engineering design. In this phase all technical requirements are specified and aids in the project´s preliminary cost estimation.

Project Management Consulting (PMC)

We are your partner and ally from conception of  your project until it´s start up. We will overtake the entire execution supervision for you.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Our EPC services help you design, develop and execute the project in a professional, timely manner with high quality.

Permitting Design

Basic Design

We´ll overtake the engineering of your solar system in DC (direct current), the systems AC (alternating current), the design and calculation of the required mounting structure, the acquisition as well as the construction.

Bid Specification & Acquisition

We can provide the specification and design for bidding, as well as the acquisition of all the required system components.


We can overtake the entire projec´s life cycle to deliver a one stop solution for your project.


Our commitment with the highest quality possible means that we offer only the solar products in the market, we pride ourselves on only working with Tier-1 companies.


We will construct and execute the entire project with the highest quality and safety, delivering you a failure free functioning system.


In the final phase of construction well evaluate the complete installation, test the installation, create the As-Built documentation package as final delivery to the client.

Operation and Maintenance

After your project is up and running, we can offer our Operation and Maintenance Service (OMS) consisting of the constant monitoring of the system and scheduled preventive maintenance.

Our main fields of activity